The crown

I posted a picture of me this morning with makeup and 1 without. You will find me without makeup more often than not. I get alot of oh you look so beautiful today when I wear my makeup. Guess what? I’m beautiful without! It really bothers me that I have to dress a certain way, do my hair & wear makeup for people to “notice” me.

I don’t have to prove my value to anyone for my looks are not what I value. My heart is. My faith is. My love is. My daughter is. Those who know me know that I love hard & I’ll love you forever. My friends are my friends. I may not see you, talk to you all the time, maybe for some time, but if you need me I’ll be there.

I love Jesus. I will talk to you about Jesus and your faith. It may be uncomfortable and we may not agree on things. I talk to you about Him because I care about you and I want you to have what I have. Faith. Eternal Security. True Love. A Firm Foundation. Hope.

I say all of this so that we women can say and see ourselves as we are. Tall, short, thin, thick (as I was told I was), short hair, long hair, no hair….be happy with who you are; not who people tell you how you should look. We have let society dictate for too long women have to be all dolled up to be beautiful. I’m a mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, worker, boss lady, lover, care giver and so much more. Appreciate me and others who have struggled with just this issue, as we are. I have struggled with self image problems my entire life and it has greatly affected me. I’m learning and loving being in my own skin and living in the love of Christ.

There’s alot of fix your crowns going around for us ladies. I’m going to be sarcastic for a second….my crown is waiting in heaven for I am no princess in waiting here in Fillmore. lol So, no crown fixing for me. I’m a daughter of the True King…Jesus Christ. He finds my beauty in my ashes and fashions me from that. So take me or not….this is who Linda Williams is.

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